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The Alternative to Dog Training and Horsemanship



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  • Everybody can benefit from the Power of Play
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  • PowerPlay


    PowerPlay your way to a great bond with your animal companions!

    Imaginative play fosters healthy mental and social development, it sets the stage for learning essential life skills, tight bonds and successful partnerships with our furry companions. 

    Come play along. We're near Kecskemét, enjoying the beautiful Puszta with our friends.

  • PowerPlay Dog

    PowerPlay Dog

    The new dog science backs up what we have always taught: dogs are smart and sensible.

    The Alternative to Dog Training and Dog School. Playful learning without force for everyone. Easy Obedience without tears.

    Learn about quality time and how to teach your dog the skills she/he really needs to live in our world. 

    PowerPlay just might be the most important work you can ever do with your dog.

  • PowerPlay Horse

    PowerPlay Horse

    Fuel your horse's happiness and intelligence throughout his/her life!

    Authentic Western Riding & Horse Training without tears. 

    From the bare basics of a beginner to professional skills and application play your way to your dream horse - and become the dream human for your horse.

    Join our fun programs and/or learn a lot about horses in our extensive 10-day training levels.


  • PowerPlay Dog Bootcamp

    PowerPlay Dog Bootcamp

    Behind every great person there has to be a great dog

    Now that you know the Power of Play as the Alternative to Dog Training here’s how you go Beyond Agility, spend fun time with your dog and experience bonding like never before.

    Playfully you’ll bring your bond to new levels while solving challenging problems and working through obstacles.

    All activities will be optimized to the individual’s ability. Challenging, but never damaging.

  • Everybody can benefit from the Power of Play

    Everybody can benefit from the Power of Play

    We’ll show you how to flourish together through play, respect, communication and understanding

    We welcome stallions and mules, all breeds or mixes and all ages!

    We know and adore gaited horses of all varieties and play with them to bring out their natural abilities without stress or harm!

    We welcome dogs of all sizes, ages and abilities, people of all ages and experiences. A range of fun activities balance opportunities that uncover and develop your dog’s natural potential and talents and enhance the relationship between both.



  • Weekly Classes

    Weekly Classes

    Weekly Classes starting October

    Saturday: Dog Obedience & Preschool Program (Puppy Play) 

    Sunday: Horse Training: Groundwork, Liberty, Authentic Western Riding

    Mobile Training (at your place) & Private Lessons by appointment

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