Trauma Relief and New Life Purpose for Dogs, Horses, Mules & Donkeys


Trauma Relief and New Life Purpose for Dogs, Horses, Mules & Donkeys


Osiri is a project that helps animals with traumatic experience (i.e. slaughterhouse), psychological, mobility, or medical issues gain more quality of life by giving them long term therapy in a safe environment and eventually partnering them with a caring person and possibly a job to do.

If a new home can’t be found or is not the optimal solution, they will spend their lives at Osiri. 

Osiri is the consequence of many years of Animal Training and Therapy. 

Many dogs were left by their owners who would no longer support them. Others had no families to support them from the start. They were simply dumped. Within our possibilities we have given these dogs a home and the care they need. 

But we could do so much more.




Countless wonderful horses, mules and donkeys are being slaughtered every day. They travel to a slaughterhouse well knowing the goal of their destination. There they wait for their turn, just close enough to smell the death that waits for them.

While people try to make others aware of the animals and the all too literal deadline given there is hardly any hope for them to be saved in time and placed with a future that makes up for their long sad journey.

Temporary emergency placement most often lacks the experience and skill to give the animals what they need to prepare for a real home.

We have the patience, abilities and experience, endless time and effort to give animals from uncertain origin and questionable history a new beginning and a long-term if not forever home.

Even great pastures in a quiet and animal friendly environment are waiting to be used.

However the funding falls short. 




Osiris has enormous costs to cover medical care, food and supplies. All privately financed.

We may cover the price to free a horse from slaughter, but temporary keep until transportation and the cost for transportation itself are impossible for Osiri without any help. 

You can be instrumental in helping us “so others may live.”

You may not be in a place where you can keep a horse, or another horse. Short in time and or skill and experience. Maybe you don’ have the space.

But we do.

So help us to save lives. Fund the Osiri project and help the animals!


We appreciate any support to cover costs. Every little bit helps us to care for these animals in need.


Thank you to our very generous supporters for their financial and personal support of the Osiri Project.

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