PowerPlay and Learning


The PowerPlay Elite Preschool Program for Dogs and Horses

We believe that animals have an innate positive attitude towards learning, which when inspired instead of forced will foster the social and emotional skills essential for mental health and life success.

The PowerPlay approach is animal-centered but human-guided. Respect for the animal is paramount.

PowerPlay aims to develop each animal’s

- concentration
- coordination
- desire to learn
- independence
- intuition
- initiative
- self expression

The Power of Play, as explained in our corresponding programs utilizes the natural drive and interest in imaginative playing to inspire learning and understanding. This applies to our pets, humans and forgotten by many, to all ages.

Instead of negative and often harmful methods of training and behavior modification we focus on our animal friends’ individual needs at all levels to help them develop skills, knowledge, and behaviors for daily living and community involvement (i.e in the city, at your workplace, as a S&R dog).

With Play as a vehicle animals experience the good mental health that allows them to learn and, using positive interactions with their families and others, to explore and discover the environment and the world around them.

The Power of Play can be essential

- for our animal’s emotional and social learning ƒ
- to help animals and their humans to manage their emotions ƒ
- to support their skills involved in getting along, friendships and bondsƒ
- to foster their curiosity and confidence ƒ
- to help them develop intrinsic motivation ƒ
- to enable them to learn to manage life’s ups and downs.

Programs are more likely to be effective if they are aimed at promoting mental health rather than preventing negative behaviors and problems.

Activities are designed to promote the development of

- control of movement (gross and fine motor)
- independence
- concentration and the development of a love of learning

Positive self-esteem is promoted through the animal’s development in all of these areas.

Animals who are observed to have medical, emotional, social or psychological problems are individually catered for in consultation with their human families. Where necessary, assessment by an outside consultant is recommended and supported.



Weekly Classes starting October
The PowerPlay Elite Preschool Program


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