The PowerPlay Elite Preschool Program


The PowerPlay Elite Preschool Program for Young Dogs and Horses

Animals, much like human children, benefit more from encouragement and exposure to individual matching activities than strict training or stiff lessons.

To give open minded and caring dog owners or horse owners the advantage over puppy play, dog schools and too early horse training we offer in-depth education on their furry children’s development and our rather unique PowerPlay Elite Preschool Program.

Early puppyhood or childhood of animals respectively, is a unique period when the structure of the rapidly growing brain is organized through the young animal’s early care experiences.
This development includes the social and emotional skills essential for mental health and life success.
For young animals mental health is about social, emotional and behavioral wellbeing.

Early learning is all about social and emotional development, which is greatly effected by it’s environment.

Effective programs cater to the animal’s individual cognitive and emotional needs.

- develop adaptive, cognitive and behavior strategies,
- involve the entire animal and human family,
- take into account the age, breed and gender of the animal,
- are implemented over a long period of time (continuously for more than one year),
- allow for periodic follow-up of positive interventions and/or booster sessions as needed

In order to maintain positive outcomes and independence they decrease over time.

Young animal’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs are catered for in the full with our Preschool Program.

Each animal is introduced to activities that are observed to be appropriate to that animal’s needs on an individual basis.
Each activity is presented individually and the animal is then observed with the activity and assistance provided as required.
Each animal-human family is encouraged to choose their own activities from those they have a knowledge of and they are encouraged to work independently with the activities chosen.
New activities are presented as the animal is ready for them.

Sensitive periods in the animal’s development and observations of the animal are used to determine the aims for each animal at any time. Activities are not primarily age related. They are presented when the animal is ready.

Our PowerPlay Elite Preschool Program is part of the all-year weekly program. You may send an application any time.



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