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One of the biggest challenges of a horsemen is to be able to control your emotions
Buck Brannaman


DharmaWolf Trainers and Coaches have been inspiring people to care and learn about their animal companions for over 30 years.

Our widespread interests include psychology, natural science, Native American Culture, Zen and Buddhist traditions.


Our background is rooted in the life and training of Working Dogs, Working Ranch Horses and facets of cultural influences.

We spent many years with these beautiful animals on our family’s working ranch in the not quite that wild West of the USA.

We have worked with a variety of animals, among them Dogs occupied by the Armed Forces and untamed Wild Horses. All of them were and are great teachers.



Genuine, True Leadership

Partnership and Guardianship instead of dominance

















  • Balance

  • Genuine, True Leadership

  • Partnership and Guardianship instead of dominance

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Confidence

  • Freedom

  • Authenticity

  • Integrity

  • Communication

  • Connection

  • Understanding

  • Bond

  • Self-reflection

  • Body-awareness

  • Mindfulness

  • Appreciation

  • Spirit

  • Harmony



    Observers of behavior and architects of harmony.



    In all those years, no matter if in lonesome deserts, on high mountain passes or when encountering all too bold trespassing salespeople, we have never found any use for common training methods.

    Trust and being able to rely on one another has always been too important. 

    The natural instincts of our animal companions should be understood and cherished, never compromised.

    We want to instill values such as these in people who look for the mysterious bond to their beloved furry friends.


    The pride of a dog who brings you a piece of clothing as a trophy after chasing away a trespasser is not something the books tell you about. Much like a hero dog of the neighborhood who all by himself rid them all of a series of thefts in one night. There was nobody telling him what to do. But he sure had a good laugh when the thieves were hiding in the police car.



    We believe in exploration and education, that it is the human’s responsibility to create an environment in which our animal companions can live and learn. 

    As guardians to our pets and partners we have to teach them our language and set boundaries where necessary. To command and control every movement however is counterproductive and will not allow that trusting bond so many people dream of.

    Using mostly body language and gestures in a playful context and light atmosphere we communicate our desire to form a partnership based on mutual respect and trust.




    Horses infuse emotional meaning into every body movement.




    Nothing prepares you for a narrow path on a high hill with a fast train passing under your feet just inches from the steep way down. You have to hold on to your horse and you both have to believe that the pathway will hold no matter how it shakes.




    Dogs and Horses have always been partners and friends, many even family around us. Which is why we choose to share our experiences and understanding of them both with others.


    Both favor True, Authentic Leadership over false dominance and senseless commands. They have a heart, a mind and a soul. It would be a waste not to get to know and play with them.


    Be it dogs or horses, we do not appreciate the use of pressure to blackmail our animals into doing our bidding, playing games to demonstrate dominance, sending away, join-up, brute exhaustion, or any method that forces an animal into submission. 



    We do not whisper, we talk normally and learn their language to teach them more of ours.



    The Power of Play is our most attuned way to bring animals and people together. It is a great aid to promote body-awareness and true leadership skills, while preparing the animal for a life in our world by catering to their individual cognitive and emotional needs.


    You have to be a leader, but more so a partner, a friend, and for a life together, a family. And understand that you are your animal’s guardian, not their keeper or almighty boss. It is you who has to learn life principles, mindfulness, to control your emotions and gain the body awareness that is needed for the universal body language. Take this responsibility and your relationship will change for the better.



    Happy Trails!






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