• Life with dog ain't all that?

    Life with dog ain't all that?

    Nothing seems right and you don't get along as you should...
    Something really is missing?
  • So far just bad advice?

    So far just bad advice?

    Food, Training, Clicker, more sport, less sport, show him who's boss, get the newpaper...
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  • Or just bored out of your mind?

    Or just bored out of your mind?

    Had enough of Walks, Hikes, Dog Dancing, Agility, and once more around the block...
    And now even your dog tells you to "go and fetch that Flyball yourself"...
  • Given up all hope by now?

    Given up all hope by now?

    Been there, done that and the next vacation can only be worse?
    This must be the end of the line...
  • Change is just around the corner!

    Change is just around the corner!

    The Alternative to Dog Training, Obedience and Sport. Be the best you both can be, together, without the drama.
    We'll show you how! And we help even when you're having a real problem.
  • Hard to believe?

    Hard to believe?

    Too good to be true?
    Read on, there's more...
  • What do you have to lose?

    What do you have to lose?

    You haven't tried it yet. The Power of Play. What works in the "real world" and is so much fun. Even brings you closer and strengthens your bond!
    It's the secret of the true dog lovers. Come on and find out for yourself.
  • It really is for everyone!

    It really is for everyone!

    We welcome dogs of all sizes, ages and abilities, people of all ages and experiences. A range of fun activities balance opportunities that
    uncover and develop your dog’s natural potential and talents and enhance the relationship between both.
  • Join in on the fun!

    Join in on the fun!

    Join us for the next Bootcamp, check the Events for the next one.
    Or write us an email and we'll invent the right program just for you.

 PowerPlay Dog



Fuel your dogs happiness and intelligence throughout his/her life!


Today’s dog lovers live in fear. They worry that their dogs misbehave, reach for dominance and end up hard to handle without constant obedience training and linear sports to tire them out - starting as young as possible.


However, these measurements do far more harm than good.

Anxiety, aggression, leash-pulling, biting, chasing, jumping, etc. Most common dog problems are results of misguided training, even the conclusion to problem prevention.


The new dog science backs up what we have always taught: dogs are smart and sensible.


Imaginative play fosters healthy mental and social development, it sets the stage for learning essential life skills, tight bonds and successful partnerships with their companions. 

You do not form lasting bonds based on trust by training your dog in obedience or throwing him/her in a primitive, often savage puppy class.


We encourage dog friends to trust their instincts to stay away from many of the dubious dog training products and services on the market.


Instead of commands, treat dependency, dog whispering or other violent training tools we’ll bring you together with your dog. 

This is it - The alternative to dog training!





We’ll show you how to flourish together through play, respect, communication and understanding.




You’ll learn about quality time and how to teach your dog the skills he really needs to live in your world. 

It will be the foundation that opens all the possibilities that are just right for you. 



PowerPlay just might be the most important work you can ever do with your dog.




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