Obedience for Everyone

Obedience for Everyone

Obedience for everyone and for their specific needs. A Malinois in the city needs to know how to behave and how to stay safe in the streets. He'll meet a lot of strangers who most likely won't all be friendly and in a good mood. Maybe he even wants to be active in a sport.

The rural King Charles who roams the yard unless he has to go to the Vet will not have to work through all those situations, he will never encounter them. Following closely and coming back on call is all he really needs. Some sit and stay is good, but the weeks of training the Malinois goes through, and due to his nature enjoys more, are not for the King Charles.

Elder people or people with deficits - or dogs with deficits - shouldn't be forced into a standard obedience course either. What they really need and how to get there has to be fine-tuned.

And we do just that - Obedience through Play, no drill or treat dependency. Specifically for your needs. 

Beyond Agility - PowerPlay Bootcamps

Beyond Agility - PowerPlay Bootcamps

Behind every great person there has to be a great dog

For anyone, any age and fitness level, any breed or fur color

Now that you know the Power of Play as the Alternative to Dog Training
here’s how you go Beyond Agility, spend fun time with your dog and experience bonding like never before.

All activities will be optimized to the individual’s ability. Challenging, but never damaging.

We welcome dogs of all sizes, ages and abilities, people of all ages and experiences. A range of fun activities balance opportunities that uncover and develop your dog’s natural potential and talents and enhance the relationship between both.

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Be Your Own Dog Trainer

Be Your Own Dog Trainer

DharmaWolf PowerPlay sounds great, but you’re too far away to come by as often as you want?

Lucky for you we know and are prepared. We will simply take you away for a week and teach you the essentials to Be Your Own Dog Trainer.

All the Power of Play and individually what you need to teach your dog in one week.

If you want to do more, you can. Online courses and additional vacations in Hungary will show you how to play your way to the life you dream of with your dog.

While we’re at it we’ll throw in a bunch of activities from our Vacation and Bootcamp Programs.
Fun and life changing for yourself and your dog.

For our really ambitious dog friends we offer Masterclasses which teach you the skills to teach or coach other people.

Contact us for your individual Be Your Own Dog Trainer program. 

Individual Programs

Individual Programs

For our friends from the area

Obedience for Everyone
Individual classes by appointment - The alternative to dog training
Weekly or monthly classes
Bi-weekly or monthly Fun Bootcamps - Beyond Agility
Be Your Own Dog Trainer Courses

For our friends from other countries

Individual week or more - tailored to your needs
See our schedule for Bootcamp weeks 5-7 days of bonding fun
Various week-long courses
Be Your Own Dog Trainer Program


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