PowerPlay Bootcamps



Behind every great person there has to be a great dog


For anyone, any age and fitness level, any breed or color.


Now that you know the Power of Play as the Alternative to Dog Training here’s how you go Beyond Agility, spend fun time with your dog and experience bonding like never before.

All activities will be optimized to the individual’s ability. Challenging, but never damaging.


We welcome dogs of all sizes, ages and abilities, people of all ages and experiences. A range of fun activities balance opportunities that uncover and develop your dog’s natural potential and talents and enhance the relationship between both.

Bond with your dog, have fun, learn and relax.


PowerPlay Bootcamps are also the ideal alternative to dog school and puppy classes intended to socialize dogs ad start them in training.

Playfully you’ll bring your bond to new levels while solving challenging problems and working through obstacles.

You’ll be in great company. It is no competition. You’re encouraged to help and respect each other.

Every Bootcamp is different. Activities and extra locations always change. Let’s go with the flow. 






PowerPlay Bootcamps are 5-7 days long for our friends from outside the country. You’ll find the schedule on our event page.

If you want to mix and match programs just talk to us and we’ll figure something out.

For our friends from Hungary we have weekend Bootcamps of 1-3 days every month. Get in touch to join us.


Bootcamp activities may include:


Special and exciting Scavenger hunt with challenges,

Balance Challenges, Problems to solve

Military inspired obstacle course for people and dogs

Vision Quest with your dog , Freestyle moves,

Hiking and Forest Bathing, Water games: swimming, dock diving, boating, 

K9 nose work, scent games, tracking

Treiball, Tricks, Frisbee with Team Play, Doga ( a Yoga with dog variation)

Ralley-O the fun obedience game, Carting, Showmanship, 

and many more


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