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Introduction, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional’s Masterclass

From the bare basics of a beginner to professional skills and application play your way to the perfect dog - and become the perfect companion for your dog.

If you want to get along with your dog, are ambitious about Search & Rescue, Tracking, Working Dogs and more, just love dogs and want to keep learning, or are interested in a career and aim to help others down the line - PowerPlay is the way who puts the dog and your bond first.

Instinct and knowledge, experience with and understanding dogs are key in this unconventional alternative to common, forceful methods.

You’ll not only gain a new perspective - that of dogs - but you’ll find a new you along the way. You’ll work on your mental, emotional and physical fitness, learn about leadership that doesn’t hide behind false dominance and give your spirit a make-over.
Because the bond with dogs starts with you.

Private classes are all about you and your dog, If you are shy or have certain issues to work on, this might be your first choice.

Courses are limited in participants and topics flow. Everybody gets the attention and time to work on their individual needs.

We always welcome all breeds, colors, histories and all ages.

Weekend or other time management modifications may be discussed. Simply contact us.


PowerPlay Introduction

PowerPlay Introduction

PowerPlay Introduction
Weekend 2 days

The introduction to applying PowerPlay in training as opposed to common methods. Also an assessment of your current place with your dog.
If you are unsure if PowerPlay is for you, start here.
The Introduction course is not a requirement to other courses.

While you have the opportunity to learn theory online and with an optional reading list this is mostly a Hands-On practical course designed to allow you to gain as much experience s possible.

PowerPlay Foundation I & II

PowerPlay Foundation I & II

PowerPlay Foundation I & II

10 days

Foundation is everything.
If you don’t share your life with a dog yet or can’t bring them you will be assisted by volunteer dogs and learn from participating dogs.
This course is also a great preparation for your first dog to come into your life.

You will learn about dogs by observation and studying dogs in the field in real time. This will train your perception and understanding more effectively than by video or book.

- What is PowerPlay and how to apply it in being with dogs and training dogs
- How dogs think and learn
- Learning through Play
- A dog’s perspective
- Dog Training
- False dominance
- Of Monkeys and their Pet Wolves
- How and what dogs feel
- Effects of common training methods and tools
- Social development
- Raising puppies
- Basic health and socialization routines
- Dogs and hunting
- Basic Dog Behavior
- Body Language and Vocalizations
- Building trust through Play
- Raising a great puppy
- A dog from the shelter
- What dogs should learn
- Basic Obedience
- The dog, the Veterinary & you
- Playing with young dogs for fun and preparation
- Get to know your dog’s talents, natural abilities and physical limitations
- Considerations before you buy a dog

Understanding the development periods of puppies will be especially valuable. You will gain critical knowledge of what causes behavior problems, the ability to prevent them and how to advise new puppy owners with expert knowledge.

PowerPlay Intermediate

PowerPlay Intermediate

10 days

- Continuation and deepening of Foundation work
- What is a dog for?
- Dogmanship
- Reading and understanding dogs
- Core knowledge about various dog breeds
- The human factor
- The Alpha Myth
- Hierarchy and Pack Reality in Families
- Intermediate Obedience
- Critical socialization periods during puppyhood
- The details in dog body language
- Dog Behavior II
- Dog Psychology I
- Build trust, confidence and flexibility through playful tricks, games and obstacles
- Problem Behavior or Normal?
- Managing or correcting common unwanted behaviors and problems
- Understanding various Training Methods
- Of Dolphins and Dogs - if and when Clicker makes sense
- Intermediate Tricks for dogs

Intermediate Package Deal comes with additional intensive weekend

PowerPlay Advanced

PowerPlay Advanced

10 days
Requires Intermediate

- Continuation and deepening of Foundation & Intermediate work
- Problem Solving
- Advanced Obedience
- Behavior Evaluation
- Behavior Problem Solving
- Games like Rally-O, Obstacles or Agility for groups
- Helping Shelter Dogs
- Dog Psychology II
- The full potential of you and your dog, or your client and dog
- Leadership
- Motivation
- Dogs with Jobs
- Kids and Dogs
- Bootcamps I
- Where to go from here

Advanced Package Deal comes with additional intensive weekend

Professional’s Masterclass

Professional’s Masterclass

Professional’s Masterclass
Requires Advanced

- So you want to be a dog trainer?
- Extensive review, continuation and deepening of all levels
- Problem-dogs, problem-people
- Dog Psychology III
- Trauma in dogs
- Trauma Therapy for dogs
- Training for a purpose: S&R, Service, Police, Protection, Scent, Tracking, etc.
- Studying dog behavior in the field
- Teaching people
- Training dogs
- Bootcamps II
- Building & Management of classes, courses, clients
- Launching Your Dog Training Career and Business
- Other Careers and Opportunities in the growing Pet Industry

To teach what you know and to work with different dogs you’ll need great knowledge and rely on intuition and experience.
Which is why during Masterclass you will observe and actively take part in classes, courses and the training of dogs.
Later on you will teach the classes yourself, with a PowerPlay Trainer observing and helping out if you need it.
Finally you will be tested on several clients/dogs/situations and with consideration of your work during Masterclass receive your well earned certification.

Certified trainers are expected to check-in now and then to refresh their knowledge during running classes and gain more experience with interesting cases.
They may also present difficult cases of their own for support!

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