PowerPlay Horse



Fuel your horse's happiness and intelligence throughout his/her life!


Horsemanship these days exhausts and punishes horses to the breaking point to make them easy to handle. Common training and riding methods are much the same.

But there is a playful way, a middle way to train your horse, ride your horse or just be with your horse.

Imaginative play fosters healthy mental and social development, it sets the stage for learning essential life skills, tight bonds and successful partnerships with their companions. 

You do not form lasting bonds based on trust by riding your horse in a square, pulling and kicking.

We encourage horse lovers to trust their instincts to stay away from many of the dubious training products and services on the market.

Instead of commands, riding in circles, horsemanship or other violent training tools we’ll bring you together with your horse. 

Here it is - The alternative to horsemanship and common riding lessons!


We welcome stallions and mules, all breeds or mixes and all ages!

We know and adore gaited horses of all varieties and play with them to bring out their natural abilities without stress or harm!




We’ll show you how to flourish together through play, respect, communication and understanding.




You’ll learn about quality time and how to teach your horse the skills he really needs to live in your world. 

It will be the foundation that opens all the possibilities that are just right for you. 



PowerPlay just might be the most important work you can ever do with your horse.









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