Rules & Regulations

Rules in short

Do not touch any animal that doesn’t belong to you.

Trash belongs in dumpsters.

Trash thrown in dumpsters must be contained in trash bags.

Do not dump personal products in sewage.

No trespassing on private grounds.

No videotaping without permission.

Dogs must remain on a leash and in control of a handler on foot at all times.

Pick up after your dog.

Negligence to adhere to any of these rules will be grounds for your immediate removal from the programs and our property without refunds.


Payment & Cancellation Policies
1. Registrations for weeklong or more bootcamps are accepted with full payments OR deposits to reserve a space.

2. Bootcamp fees do not include housing or meals. But we’ll arrange all you need for a great stay.

Payment & Cancellation terms

Registrations can be be paid-in-full with application, or reserved with a €100 deposit. There are no refunds, partial refunds or credits. Once registered, bootcamp fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
Participants registering and agreeing to the Payment/Cancellation Policies must also review and agree to our general TOS and HEALTH and SAFETY Policies.

Health & Safety Policies:
We place great value on the health and safety of our dogs. Many different kinds of dogs will always be at our bootcamps. We have dogs of different size, some young, some older, some that have been rescued and have histories of abuse/neglect, some fearful, some who have been bitten before, and so on.
Everyone participant is responsible for managing his/her dog(s) and reading the signals/cues given by the dogs around you. In addition to our Rules & Regulations, the following health and safety provisions are in place for everyone’s benefit:
• Prior to or upon arrival at camp, proof of vaccinations and a negative fecal sample will be required in order to participate in camp. • In the event of bad weather, the schedule may be modified if an activity is deemed unsafe under given conditions. Alternative indoor programming is prepared. • No dogs in heat. If your dog comes into heat during your stay, we will have to discuss alternative arrangements for you. • Dogs who need more space will be wearing a special bandanna. See a further explanation of our Bandanna Program below.

Rules & Regulations
DharmaWolf’s Rules & Regulations are designed to make the experience positive and safe for everyone. If you have any questions about our policies, please contact the camp office for further details.
Human Participants must be at least 18 years old. Puppies must be at least 3 months old. 

• 2 dogs per person. If you would like to bring more than two dogs, please contact us to discuss multiple dog situations.

• Dogs must be reasonably well socialized, potty-trained and non-aggressive towards people. If your dog has been aggressive towards people in the past, please do not bring him/her to camp.

• Dogs who need more “space” must wear an bandanna in order to prevent unwanted situations between dogs. See a further explanation of this Bandanna Program below. • No dogs in heat. If your dog comes into heat while at camp, we will discuss alternative options for you.

• Dogs must be in good health, free of contagious diseases and fleas. Proof of vaccines and a negative fecal sample will be required prior to the bootcamp. 

• Participants are required to “Scoop the Poop” immediately and consistently.  Good manners are common sense are expected from all humans.

• Dogs need to be leashed during classes, sessions, and most activities. Leash laws apply in the area! Full details of our on/off leash rules will be provided at arrival.

• Participants must stay off of all equipment unless an instructor is present.  • Smokers must dispose of cigarette butts properly and abide any prohibitions.

• If your dog is left loose and unattended, and as a result causes damage to your room, you will be responsible for paying for such damages (i.e. chews up the furniture, scratches the door).

• Your dog will be around many dogs and many people. If your dog demonstrates aggressive behavior that is negatively impacting the experience for other people or dogs, DharmaWolf reserves the right to expel you and your dog(s) from our bootcamp without notice or refund. Although the bootcamp can be a great environment to work on some negative behaviors/traits, some of these issues can be aggravated in a bootcamp setting. If you have concerns about your dog’s ability to “get along with others”, please contact us so we can discuss your individual situation.

PowerPlay Bootcamps are a great place for you and your puppy. There will always be activities and areas specially designated “Puppies & Small Dogs Only”. This will give your puppy lots of opportunities for socialization with others their own age or size as well as bigger and older dogs in a controlled setting.In addition, bootcamps are a wonderful way to begin exposing your puppy to various activities, find your puppy’s hidden talents, and get a jump-start on puppy training. 

Bandanna Program
Dogs who need more space will be wearing a bandanna. These are not bad dogs. When you see a dog wearing this bandanna just proceed with caution when approaching, and speak with the human about the best way to handle a dog-to-dog introduction.All participants are expected to be reasonably well socialized and people/dog friendly. However, just like people, our dogs have good and bad days, which need special attention. The bandanna program is for the safety and precaution of all participants, including these dogs wearing them. Safety first!

You are obliged to research and follow the rules of travel for you and your dog(s).

You have to understand and respect your own limitations and your dog's. Act accordingly.

Furthermore you know that you and your dog(s) participate at your own risk and responsibility.



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