PowerPlay Horse Foundation I & II Nov 01-10 2017

Foundation is a great way to teach a foal the basics and start a horse.
If you don’t own a horse yet or can’t bring them you will be assisted by our horses and learn from participating horses.
This course is also a great preparation before you own a horse.

Topics may include:

- What is PowerPlay and how to apply it in being with horses and training horses
- Learning through Play
- Horse Training
- The human factor
- Safety
- False dominance
- How and what horses feel
- Effects of common training methods and tools
- Reading and understanding horses
- Assess horses and situations
- The basics in handling horses (halter, leading, brushing, etc.)
- Body Language I
- Building trust through Play
- Basic Groundwork
- Playing with young horses for fun and preparation
- When or if you should start or re-start your horse under the saddle
- First steps in riding and where your goals are today
- Get to know your horses talents, natural abilities and physical limitations
- Considerations before you buy a horse




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