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Turn your passion into a profession



Do you dream of a career helping others develop strong bonds and trusting partnerships with their dogs or horses?


The PowerPlay Trainer Academy offers a developmental road map to what every dog or horse wished their owners understood about them.



Baffling and beloved, with the capacity to go from joy to frustration in seconds, our pets are some of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. 

Owners and trainers struggle with these wonderful family members, who are known for their extreme behavior, from resistance and aggression to separation anxiety, pulling, buckling, and not listening. 


The key to understanding animals lies in realizing that their challenging behavior is not personal, nor is it a disorder, deficit or dominance issue.


Based on the new science and the PowerPlay approach of renowned animal psychologist, trainer, coach and author Dharma Wolf, the PowerPlay Animal Trainer Academy Programs reveal how critical pet owners are in shaping the conditions to ensure their companions flourish. 



Learn the story of how young dogs and horses develop, from their intense need for attachment and the vital importance of play to discipline that preserves growth. 

Engagingly taught, with compassion for it’s subjects and rich with case stories and hands-on experience, the PowerPlay Animal Trainer Academy Programs will forever change the way you think of common training methods, horsemanship and dog schools.


Our Trainer Academy Programs are of the most well-rounded and extensive. From general knowledge on training methods, to an array of practical lessons and experiences focusing on gentle and respectful ways to communicate with animals, to full fledged animal psychology and behavior studies we have you covered.


The program’s flexibility ensures that all of our students can complete the programs successfully. From those interested in seriously pursuing a career in animal training, to those just wanting to expand their knowledge and skills for their own personal growth.  



International students experience the Hungarian Puszta and a beautiful country that isn’t overrun by tourists or terrorism.

We’ll help to arrange accommodation for both short and long term stays.


Pets and spouses may be brought along as company or active participants at no additional cost.


The Foundation Programs are designed for those who wish to teach on a local level and for students who want more in-depth knowledge of our pets and respectful training methods.


The Masterclasses are for those serious about building a career as animal trainers, horse trainers or dog trainers. 

Specialized classes are for even more ambitious students, who want to specialize in a certain area and/or add to their existing repertoire to offer their clients more value and expertise. 


Our animal trainer academy programs include actual project management and business training as part of the curriculum for those serious about building their own training business.


Read more on PowerPlay Dog, PowerPlay Horse and the base levels for dogs and horses that are included in our certified trainer programs for future Professional Certified Dog Trainers and Certified PowerPlay Horse Trainers / Clinicians.


Make your dream come true. Be a part of our mission to help people and animals to understand and respect one another.


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